Marketing Cockpit

Marketing Cockpit
Marketing Cockpit


The MAFO data is mostly scattered, decentralized and poorly available when needed.
The task was to develop a platform that centrally provides decision makers with data from the MAFO, sales figures, marketing KPIs and KPIs in condensed and graphically processed form. The platform should be as interactive as possible and the level of detail easily selectable. Furthermore, the possibility should be given to integrate the data and graphs in presentations.


Development of a marketing cockpit with KPIs on the topics of “Brand”, “Markets” and “Campaigns”
Zoomable charts for online presentations
Numerous filter and segmentation options
Interchart and Intrachart-Control i.e. the charts and diagrams are linked in the data structure and allow different perspectives on the data. Extension possibility for additional data and data management.


Platform conception and design
Technical development and implementation of the platform including data views and dashboards
Data supply and data management
Rights and user management
Implementation and operation of the application on the intranet
Technical implementation with MySQL and Framework Flex


Brand Monitor

The Brand Monitor provides information about the characteristics of the “soft” aspects of the brand.

Brand Values

Here, the most successful brands and their value in monetary units are displayed in comparison.

Market Monitor

Overview of relevant market segments within the motor vehicle sector and also market shares compared to the competition.

1. July 2015