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Mercedes-Benz leads in the Number of Interactions on Instagram. Gucci enters the Top 3 at an incredible pace – with wild hunger for more …

How do the best global brands perform – on Instagram and Facebook?

For the second time, we took – The “Interbrand Best Global Brands” and used Socialbakers to check their performance measured interactions.

Top 10 brands on Instagram are based on the Interbrand TOP 100 Best Global Brands. The ranking is based on interactions (likes + comments, except dislikes) on Instagram from January – June 2018.

Analysis Tool: Socialbakers | Interbrand Top 100: Interbrand best global brands

The Big Picture: Automotive still stronger than Fashion and Entertainment
Mercedes-Benz and BMW are making up for over half of the interactions within the Top5.

Leading: Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz remains the top performing brand regarding interactions on Instagram (Interbrand Top 100 Brands).

BMW: Solid Second Place
BMW kept the pace and remained in second-place.

Momentum-Giant: Gucci
Gucci doubled its interactions in the first half of 2018.

The brand wins with fancy images and celebrity cameos (e.g. Harry Styles) to earn the #3 Instagram Top Performer spot – a huge success in comparison to their previous 5th place finish.

Disney Gets Kicked Out Of The Top 3
Disney lost their third-place spot to Gucci due to a lower performance in 2018 (declining more than 30%).


Decreased Interactions on Facebook Within The Top 5, With one Exception
Nearly all companies had decreased interactions in the first half of 2018. However, Louis Vuitton entered the Top5 with a rise in interactions by 50%. This increase allowed Louis Vuitton to claim the 3rd place spot.

Disney Number One, But A Close Race Within The Top 3
Disney took the lead, but all of the Top 3 companies lost interactions by 40-50% compared to the first half of 2017. Mercedes-Benz remained unchanged in 3rd place, but only 20K behind the Discovery Channel.

New In The Top 5 Club: Louis Vuitton And Lenovo
Louis Vuitton improved 13 ranks to take the 4th place spot and Lenovo improved from 6th to 5th place.


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