Marketing Code Generator

Marketing Code Generator


Marketing codes are an important means of measuring the success of marketing activities and thus an important step in conversion optimization. They serve to best exploit traffic potential and to identify the most fertile marketing and seeding channels. Using marketing codes can lead to exactly which link, which banner or which social ad has generated how much traffic.

Marketing codes allow e.g. Accurately identify the performance / conversions of links in posts on social channels Facebook links (posts) to your website.

The Marketing Code Generator lets you add parameters to URLs that you can use in your custom web-based campaigns, social channels, or email ad campaigns.




Developing a Marketing Code Generator:
For each new campaign, the tool generates an individual and unique campaign parameter; which the customer attaches to the published backlinks of their own website. The campaign parameters are masked using a key so that links to end users can’t be interpreted. Thus, the traffic on the website can be assigned to campaigns and detailed channels.



  1. Centralized marketing code management tool with an overview of all marketing codes used
  2. Multi-client capability for different agencies: Which agencies can use the codes and which cannot (control function)
  3. Secure codes (syntax) because of standardized / automated creation
  4. Direct integration with Adobe Analytics
  5. Masked marketing codes for short, uninterpretable URLs

Project Modules

Parameter Management

The components of the parameter can be selected on the front-end interface and intuitively copied to the clipboard of the user. This allows the user to insert the parameter directly to the desired page or post.


In the backend, which is accessible only to authorized users, the already created parameters can be sorted and managed via the masked search.

More Insight

The concrete use of the tool is reflected in the evaluation – which can now be refined beyond the Adobe classification of certain channels. Additionally, they can be broken down and analyzed for custom campaigns.

7. July 2022