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Mercedes-Benz cracks 100 Mio. follower mark

IAA 2019 Social Media Update

The biggest german car fair, the IAA will start next week in the city of Frankfurt – reason enough for us to checkout the actual lineup of german premium manufacturers.

We compared the total followers of BMW, Audi and Mercedes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube within the respective brand’s five largest social media accounts in the largest social media channels.

Pole Position in every social media channel

Mercedes-Benz is the first German car manufacturer to crack the mark of a total of 100 million followers. It is particularly striking that the Swabian mobility pioneer has the most followers in each of the four largest social media channels: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, followed by its competitors BMW and Audi on second and third position.

Mercedes-Benz is not only ubiquitously in the pole position, but it leaves its competitors at distance. BMW chases the historic automotive brand with a large gap of around 23 million followers. Audi still has a lot of catching up to do, with a current gap of 27.4 million followers to BMW and 50.0 million followers to Mercedes-Benz.

BMW and Audi with lots of potential

Mercedes-Benz secures its biggest lead on the video platform YouTube. BMW is second with 73 percent less followers. The situation is similar on the microblogging service Twitter. In the race for the most fans, BMW still lacks more than 50 percent followers in order to reach the winner’s podium. Mercedes’ lead within Instagram and Facebook is in the 25% range.


The ranking is based on the followers of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (05.09.2019).

Instagram: BMW | Mercedes-Benz | Audi | Mercedes-AMG | BMW M GmbH | Mercedes-Benz DE | BMW USA | Mercedes-AMG F1 | Mercedes-Benz USA | Audi Sport | BMW i. Born Electric. | BMW Motorsport | Audi Official | Audi Deutschland | Audi India

Facebook: Mercedes-Benz | BMW | Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport | Audi USA | Audi Sport | BMW M | Mercedes-Benz USA | Mercedes-AMG | Audi India | BMW India | BMW Motorsport | BMW Motorrad | Mercedes-Benz India | Audi Deutschland | Audi Italia

Youtube: Mercedes-Benz | BMW | Audi Deutschland | Mercedes-Benz USA | Audi USA | Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport | Mercedes-Benz Deutschland | Mercedes-AMG | BMW USA | BMW M | BMW Motorrad | Audi Spain | Audi UK | Audi India | BMW España

Twitter: Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes-AMG F1 | Audi | BMW | BMW India | Mercedes-AMG | Audi India | Mercedes-Benz USA | Mercedes-Benz India | BMW Group | BMW USA | Audi de México | Audi Türkiye | Audi Official | BMW i

Data & Analysis Tool: socialbakers | Analytics and Visualization: T4MEDIA.

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The Secret of Speed on Instagram:

Combining a high activity level with engaging posts

With the first half of 2019 already over, it is time to update our “Instagram Best Global Brands Top 20″ – focussing on performance in terms of “activity”, “engagement” and “speed”.

In this case our Social Analytics Team focused solely on the Interbrand Best Global Brands Top 100 and left out the Kardashians, Ronaldos and influencers alike …

Activity Ranking: Toyota and Netflix fastest Movers

The fastest Movers are #Toyota (+17 Ranks) and #Netflix (+16)

Netflix is increasing the activity level in 2019 (now ranked on position 13) with its engaging posts. This shoots Netflix to the third place in terms of speed on Instagram.

There is no change in activity rank on the 4 top places. +Mercedes-Benz stills leads the pack with almost 6 posts per day on average fed by 130 years of history and a corresponding bunch of narratives.

Engagement Ranking: Nike still No 1 in Engagement Ranking.

Nike is the unchallenged Leader #Lego (+9 Ranks) and #Apple (+5 Ranks) are the fastest movers

Nike has the most engaging posts in terms of Likes per post due to their huge fan base.

However with an relatively low activity level (position 77) this transfers only to place 18 in terms of overall Likes per month.

New in Top 20 Engagement Ranking is Lego which puts them on position 19 within the Best Speed List.

Speed Ranking: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Netflix

Two automotive brands still leading the crowd with two big entertaining industry giants to follow. Netflix is the fastest mover gaining 6 Ranks.

The secret of speed: High frequency posting and an outstanding engagement rate (Likes per post) does the trick. With almost 1 Mio Likes per day on Instagram, Mercedes-Benz is hard to beat, outperforming second placed #BMW by almost 50%.

Netflix climbs 6 ranks to the third position keeping up with BMW.


Top 20 brands on Instagram are sourced from the Interbrand Best Global Brands TOP 100. The ranking is based on social performance Data (from 01.01.2019 to 30.06.2019)

Data & Analysis Tool: Socialbakers
Brand Pool: Interbrand Best Global Brands
Analytics and Visualization: T4MEDIA

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Race to one Billion Likes finished…

Instagram Top 3 Love Brands: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and H&M have the most likes.

The „Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018“ were published in the beginning of October 2018. And with one brand hitting the magical 1 billion likes mark, it was time to give you a follow up since our last article.

Mercedes-Benz surpassed one billion likes in November 2018.

While losing some momentum in October, Mercedes-Benz was the first brand out of the Interbrand Best Global Brands to hit one billion likes – keeping the competition at a distance.

How long will it take for the others to catch up?

Holding the second position in terms of momentum, as well as overall Likes, BMW should reach the one billion total likes mark by approximately Q4 2019. Gucci made a special impression this year by further developing their momentum in terms of overall likes per month. If Gucci keeps this pace, it’s likely for them to overtake H&M and be the third brand to crack the 1 billion likes mark by approximately 2021.

With all that said, it should take H&M 5 years and Disney over 10 years to enter the 1 billion likes Club on Instagram.


Top 5 brands on Instagram are based on the Interbrand TOP 100 Best Global Brands. The ranking is based on the sum of likes on Instagram from 01/2011 to 11/2018. Two dimensions are pictured: “Total likes” overall and “Speed”. “Speed” is measured by monthly likes. “Total likes” are the cumulated likes ever since the account on Instagram was started.

Key drivers of Speed are: Posting frequency, total number of fans and „engaging power“ of the posts.

Analysis Tool: Socialbakers
Interbrand Top 100: Interbrand best global brands
Contact: Thomas Müller or Rim Rufael

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