Mobile Dashboard

Mobile Dashboard
Mobile Dashboard


So far, there hasn’t been a flexible mobile visual analytics solution that also supports end devices such as Blackberry.

T4MEDIA. has developed the mobile KPI monitor, which shows the performance of digital platforms in real time.
The aim was to be able to assess current developments as closely as possible. Also, to display the most important KPIs both in the graphical process and at different time intervals.


Development of the Mobile Dashboards
Dashboard conception and design
Automated data queries via the Adobe Analytics API
Data supply and data management in near real-time
Mathematical model for live calculation and adjustment of moving averages and corridors
Technical implementation with Adobe Analytics, MySQL
Design Framework: D3 (Data Driven Documents)


All relevant KPIs and metrics of the most important communication channels are displayed
Fast, easy, comparable and always available (anytime / anywhere)
Near Real Time Performance Tracking
Trend display by color indicator
Freely selectable periods (this hour, today, …)
Temporal development of the KPIs can also be graphically represented.
Direct integration with Adobe Analytics


Conversion Funnel

Cross-platform conversion funnel viewing in real time.

Trend Display

The performance of marketing channels with trend display and color indicator at a glance – quickly comprehensible.

Time Display

Detailed view of a KPI over time.