KPI TV Dashboard

KPI TV Dashboard
KPI TV-Dashboard


Identification tool and showpiece for the digital world: the TV Digital Analytics dashboard.
Following the example of the massive stock exchange floors in NYSE, London and Frankfurt, a central TV dashboard was created. Our central TV dashboard shows the most important key figures at a glance and is constantly updated.
It’s impressive, with a brilliant design and appearance instead of Excel chart visuals: A dashboard that is fun and intuitive. The design is flexibly adaptable to corporate design and can be viewed on a TV (Full HD), tablet or desktop.
Through the T4 API-Explorer™, the dashboard can be connected to the Adobe Analytics interface or other standardized interfaces for data supply.


The “made to measure” under the dashboards.
The most important KPIs and performance corridors are displayed. The target achievement is also displayed.
Attentive Executive Dashboard; unique in look, feel and animation.
Near real-time data (-2h)
Panels: Cockpit, Racing Chart and 3D World-map


T4Api Explorer™
Mathematical model for live calculation and adjustment of moving averages and corridors
Data management & rights management
TV dashboard with automatic controller

Data-Sources & APIs:
Adobe Analytics API, Facebook, Youtube APIs

Technical Framework:
Enterprise ETL-Layer, MySQL
Yii Framework + Json

Visualization Framework:
Data Driven Documents (D3) – flexibly adaptable, almost any layout can be realized

Project Modules

KPI Cockpit

A “cockpit” design as dashboard with the display of the most important KPIs Visits, Configurations etc. in real time.
Calculated performance corridors and goal monitoring provide the indispensable context information.
D3 (Data Driven Documents) enables a flexible, individual design solution

Racing Chart

The vehicle configurations achieved on the website are displayed in real time. Every 2 minutes, the “race” restarts with the updated numbers. The day’s goal is depicted as a flag along the route.

Animated Heat Globe

Rotating animated globe with integrated heatmap.
The shading / coloring of the country indicates the number of hits from the top markets.

30. June 2015