IBM Competitor Dashboard

IBM Competitor Dashboard


Our client needed an interactive digital battle plan to better position themselves in the Asian Pacific region and act fast against the competition.
The following questions should answer our conundrum:
In which regions / markets are there an acute need for action, which areas are “occupied,” which must be “conquered,” with which products, and with which resources?
A competitive intelligence platform should enable the client to strategically align all measures and resources needed to gain and maintain market share.


With Warmap, our customers can access comprehensive Competitive Intelligence data quickly and intuitively. The platform helps management make data-driven strategic decisions. (“Data beats opinion”)
Features include:
Zoomable User Interface (ZUI) & Map Design
Alarm system when the market share corridor in strategic segments is exceeded or undercut.
Sales funnel management, forecast fulfillment and performance measurement based on strategic KPIs compared to the competition.
Intuitive data drill-downs per region
Infographic character with a satisfying look and feel


  • Idea, conception and design
  • Technical development and implementation of the platform
  • Technologies: Flash, SQL Database
  • Data Import: IDC data competitive intelligence data / competitor observation
  • Access, MySQL, Excel via Java applets
  • Flexible Framework: Fully customizable and extensible
  • Support and quality assurance of the application
  • Workshop and training in Hong Kong


Thematic Maps

“Thematic Maps” Early Warning System, which uses color coding to show which regions require an acute need for action.
Various triggers can be set, such as the market share change. Losses are shown in red, profits green and the tolerance range yellow.

Sales Funnel View

Monitoring the sales channel based on current sales figures.
“Sales Funnel” with color coding provides information on the degree of the target achievement of individual sales phases.


A call to the “Troops Overview” provides information about the use of resources (in the example: Manpower) against which background the market developments are evaluated. Additional features include “Hero of the month” for sales people awards and Powerpoint Builder for quick access to sales-relevant presentation material.